Fall Family Sessions - 2018

Don't shoot the messenger, but September is just around the corner. For those people (like myself!!), who love the sun; who drink up the season like it's the tallest, coldest, most refreshing glass of ice cold water on a hot day; who would exist in a permanent summer of shorts and tank tops and flip flops; and who definitely are not looking forward to the back to school frantic morning rush because school mornings are totally not their jam; this is a reason to hide their heads in the sand and pretend the best season of the year isn't almost over.

Then there are those who live for all things Pumpkin Spice; who welcome the cooler mornings and evenings; who can't wait to get their favorite boots out of the closet and put their fall clothes back into the closet; and who are relishing the thought of the kids going back to school (ok, I admit I'm totally with you on that one!!); these are the people who are warming up their happy dance and counting down the days until September 1.

Along with the Best Things About Fall mentioned above though, for so many people in Calgary and the surrounding communities, fall is Family Portrait Session time, and for a couple of weeks at the end of September and beginning of October, is the only time of year I offer them. The sessions are  limited in number, so I open them up first to those who have expressed interest before offering the remaining times to the general public.

If you'd like to be one of the people to get first dibs on your desired day and time, you can throw your name in the hat by clicking on the little button right below this paragraph. There's no commitment to book, this is just so I can keep track of who I need to send the information to first.

Whichever kind of person you are, I hope you enjoy these last few weeks of summer and pull every last bit of happy you possibly can out of them.

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